Marble continues to play a large part as a statement material for 2017 and its influences can be seen everywhere – through art, through design, and even beauty and fashion.

And while there’s nothing new about this distinctive material – humans have been using it since Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian times – we’re now seeing it used for a host of unexpected purposes, injecting a little glamour into the everyday.

This classic trend is working its way into the home, and it’s no longer confined to bathrooms and kitchens.

shutterstock_594183131 (1).jpgA marble wedding cake!

Thanks to the complexity of marble’s appearance,  marble-effect can be just as beautiful as the real thing – this has translated into the hard marble look being applied to cushions, sofas, phone cases and even shoes.

We’re seeing so many beautiful examples of marble being paired with light woods and warm metals within the home.

shutterstock_622608737Combining geometric design, natural elements and copper with marble creates a sense of comfortable glamour.

White marble is the classic, but we’re increasingly seeing black and other colours of marble creeping their way into our design. If white marble feels too traditional you may prefer the contemporary edge of black marble which comes across as much more daring.

The clean, fresh design of our contemporary door range perfectly complements the bold lines of black marble. Whether you opt for a warm natural colour like our Mocha to temper the coldness of the marble, or our Light Grey doors with black accents to let the pieces speak for themselves, our Contemporary range is the perfect match.


Natural woods can warm up the feel of black marble

If the elegance of white marble is more your style, our range of Classic doors present an opportunity to match without detracting from the statement of marble, particularly the Ash and Oak Verticals.

Whether you’re designing from scratch or renovating, consider the elements and accents of your design before choosing a door. Have a look on our website to start finding your inspiration!

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