Velvet Trends and Matching Interior Doors

Velvets are back for 2018, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.
This sumptuous, rich, luxurious material has seen a resurgence in the last few years, not just in interior design but also in clothing, where the comfort and touchably soft feel can present a warm alternative.

Trends may come and go, but velvet done right is a look that lasts – so let’s have a look at our opportunities to incorporate this gorgeous fabric into our homes all year round.


Why Velvet?
Velvet design is all about opulence – but that doesn’t mean you’ll need a full regal style to make it work. In fact it often works better as a stand-out piece among cooler, more natural tones, in classic and contemporary style interiors. Think Parisian boho chic, or rich jewelled tones to match geometric trends. It’s a perfectly adaptable fabric for a huge range of styles.

Statement pieces or accents
It’s hard to find anything as touchably beautiful as velvet, but not all of us feel like we can pull off larger statement pieces. Using velvet alongside minimal, natural materials like linens can help it to really stand out, especially when used as an accent on furniture, curtains and cushions.

However, if you do want to go for a big, bold look, a statement couch is the perfect answer. Working with whatever accent colour palettes you’ve used in your home, a statement sofa or armchair makes the most of the sumptuous tactile nature of the material, perfect for snuggling up on. Make the trend go further with colour-matched cushions throughout the room.


Which Colours?
Designers are going mad for rich jewel colours in their velvet. Ruby and emerald shades are particularly opulent, but be careful not to have too many bold, clashing colours – try working around one accent piece in a rich colour, or work a small vein of the same colour throughout your home.

The great thing about working with these rich colours is that you don’t need to invest in much, and can keep the rest of the decor in cool, natural colours. Lush green velvet especially stands out against the soothing pale grey of our Natural range of interior doors; the soft texture and light palette is perfect for a contemporary style without taking attention away from your focal piece.

If you’re not sure that you can make these bold colours work, you could go for a more subtle matte finish with teals, dusty pinks and burnt oranges. Working with a suite of carefully combined colours is a lovely way to bring a sense of Parisian boho chic to your home, and can work just as well with our Natural interior doors.


So whether you want to go big or go subtle, velvet can be used perfectly – and while it won’t always be quite as trendy as it is right now, it will always be a comfortable, sophisticated way to bring extra texture to your room.

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